Proposed US Bicycle Routes for New Mexico

Proposed US Bicycle Routes for New Mexico
The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is putting together a New Mexico Bicycle Plan . Part of the New Mexico Bicycle Plan will include United States Bicycle Route corridor  (USBRs) through the state US Bike Routes Corridor Map. Three proposed routes through New Mexico are USBR 90 (east/west through southern NM), USBR 66 (east/west mid-state) and USBR 75 (north/south mid-state). Much work and advocacy for USBRs is championed and promoted by the Adventure Cycling Association.

New Mexico Bike Summit Inc. worked closely with Adventure Cycling to promote NM USBRs sending their Assistant Routes and Mapping Director, Jennifer Milyko, to both the 2015 and 2016 NM Bike Summits. She traveled with NM Bike Summit Board Member/Coordinator, Tammy Schurr, to northern NM (2015) and southern NM and El Paso, TX (2016) giving presentations on USBRs in Santa Fe to NMDOT and the NM Department of Tourism, to Silver City to local advocates and to El Paso, TX to local planners. The primary reason to travel and give these presentations was to illustrate the statewide economic benefits of bike travel to individual communities on established bicycle routes.

NM Bike Summit Inc. has plotted routes for each proposed NM USBR and asks you review these routes and support them by giving feedback to NMDOT through their public meetings and through the NM Bike Plan Questionnaire and online Interactive Map. Each route is summarized below and includes a link to an online map.

Proposed USBR 75 / Rio Grande Trail Bicycle Route

This route follows the Rio Grande River Corridor north to south on existing roadways and trails. The Rio Grande Trail Commission is currently conducting a study on the feasibility of a trail system that parallels the Rio Grande River, much like the Appalachian Trail, from the New Mexico/Colorado border to the New Mexico/Texas/Mexico border  Rio Grande Trail Open House. The vision is for this trail to be multi-modal. While road cyclists are being considered as “users” only portions may be paved and therefore NM Bike Summit Inc. is proposing a route on roads, and when possible, on existing paved trail systems along the river.
Map Proposed NM USBR 75 Rio Grande Corridor

Proposed USBR 90 / Southern New Mexico

In October 2015, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) established Arizona USBR 90 through southern Arizona. NMDOT, as an adjoining state, signed off on the common point of entry between the states near Rodeo, NM. The natural route through New Mexico would be on NM 9 across the bottom of the state. This route is problematic for a number of reasons: its lack of access to water, food and services up to 80 miles; its proximity to the Mexican border and all the issues currently associated with US/Mexico international border; and the fact it by-passes two major New Mexico towns, Silver City and Las Cruces both of which have all the services a traveling cyclist would need including bike shops. The intent of USBRs is to connect cities and towns therefore NM Bike Summit Inc. proposes USBR 90 include routes through both Silver City and Las Cruces.
Map Proposed NM USBR 90

Proposed USBR 66

This route follows Adventure Cycling’s Bicycle Route 66 and connects two of New Mexico’s major cities, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, using the Turquoise Trail National Scenic By-Way.


The intersection of proposed USBR 75 and USBR 66 is Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest and most visited city. The intersection of proposed USBR 75 and USBR 90 is Las Cruces, New Mexico’s second largest city. Proposed USBR 66 links Santa Fe and Albuquerque and USBR 75 links all three cities, Las Cruces, Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Since it’s the purpose of USBRs to connect cities within a state and between states we ask that you endorse the proposed USBRs, 66, 75 and 90, as we’ve laid them out.

This proposal has been endorsed by the following organizations:

Adventure Cycling Association Logo - America's Bicycle Travel Experts Adventure Cycling Association

Grant County Bicycle Advisory Group

If you would like to submit feedback or have questions about this proposal please send them to:
Tammy Schurr
Chris Marsh