New Mexico Bike Summit

Where we all come together to share, learn, teach, ride, and celebrate
— and everyone is welcome

The New Mexico Bike Summit is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes, develops, encourages, and supports bicycle education, safety, and advocacy to youth and adults in New Mexico primarily by holding the New Mexico Bike Summit and related activities.

=== > The next New Mexico Bike Summit will be held in Fall 2018 < ===

Our website will become a statewide resource for all things related to bicycles, bicyclists and bicycling. 

  • We will continue to add content and list resources throughout 2017.  
  • Soon we will begin soliciting for donations to support our efforts to empower New Mexico Bicyclists through encouragement, education and advocacy.
  • Additionally, in the near future we will begin encouraging visitors to subscribe to our statewide bicycle email communications list so we may deliver dynamic bicycling-related content to subscribers regarding upcoming events, new resources and opportunities.